Vitapointe Creme Hairdress & Conditioner 8 oz

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Vitapointe Creme Hairdress & Conditioner 8 oz Daily rescue for dry, relaxed or heat-styled hair. Lightweight moisture-lock formula protects and strengthens hair, smoothes the cuticle to reduce breakage and frizz, restores manageability and silkens to a glossy sheen. For all hair types. Directions: Use daily. Before styling, rub a pearl-size dab (more for longer hair) between palms, then work evenly through hair to the tips. After styling, repeat for extra shine.. Vitapointe Creme Hairdress & Conditioner For All Hair Types Reduce Breakage & Frizz Restores Manageabilty & Silkens Hair Strengthens Hair & Smoothes Cuticle Sold Individually Ingredients: Mineral Oil , Water , Beeswax , Aluminum Stearate , Imidazolidinyl Urea , Phenoxyethanol , Fragrance , Stearic Acid , Propylparaben , Calcium Oxide

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