Ultra Sheen Supreme Relaxer Valupak Kit Super

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Ultra Sheen Supreme Conditioning Creme No Lye Relaxer kit Super Ultra Sheen Supreme No-Lye Relaxers are enriched with fortifying conditioners that allow you to achieve maximum straightness while strengthening your hair. Each value package box contains 2 full applications or 4 retouches and all the shampoo and styling products for your treatments. Regular is formulated for Fine or Normal hair. HOW: Special conditioners work to minimize damage and leave hair manageable with lustrous sheen. New look! Same great product. For coarse/resistant hair texture. Contents: 2-6.5 fl oz (185g) creme relaxer, 2-1.8 fl oz (54.5ml) liquid activator, 1-4 fl oz (119ml) dual purpose shampoo, 1-4 fl oz (119ml) styling and setting lotion, plastic gloves, wooden spatula.

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