TCB Naturals No-Lye Relaxer Kit, Super

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TCB Naturals Argan & Relaxer Oil Kit conditions hair with natural ingredients Calcium hydroxide formula Conditioner with natural ingredients TCB Naturals Argan and Olive Oil Relaxer Kit is a one-application relaxer designed to provide long-lasting straightness. Specially formulated with olive oil and Argan oil to condition and add moisture. Provides a rich, shiny shine and promotes a healthy scalp. Contains natural ingredients, including olive oil, argan oil, vitamins A, B1 and E Indications Avoid shampooing your hair 3-4 days before a relaxer application to decrease any chance of irritating your scalp from the friction of your fingers. Avoid applying permanent color to the strands within two weeks of relaxing your hair. For maximum results, follow the guidelines on the instruction sheet

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