Supreme White Intense Exclusive Serum 50ml | 1.69oz

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Transform your skin with Supreme White Intense Exclusif Serum. This powerful serum is formulated with scientifically proven ingredients to brighten and even out skin tone. In just 50ml, enjoy a youthful and radiant complexion. Take your skincare routine to the next level with this must-have serum.

🔥 Key Highlights:

  • Gradually makes the skin clearer
  • Minimises brown stains
  • Skin is strengthened with beta-carotene extract.
  • Resources for an amazing outcome
  • Apply in conjunction with cream for a more noticeable 

🌱 Key Ingredients:

  • Beta-carotene extract

💡 Directions:

  • Put a small amount of the serum on your neck and face.
  • Apply light circular massage.
  • To achieve the optimum effects, apply the serum twice day and allow it seep fully into your skin.
  • For more noticeable use when paired with cream


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