Sulfur 8 Deep Cleaning Shampoo 7.5 oz

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Experience a deep clean with Sulfur 8 Deep Cleaning Shampoo! This 7.5 oz shampoo effectively removes build-up and impurities from hair and scalp, leaving them refreshed and nourished. With its unique formula and sulfur-based ingredients, it promotes hair growth and soothes scalp irritation. Give your hair the care it deserves with Sulfur 8!

🔥 Key Highlights:

  • Shampoo for deep cleaning that unclogs hair follicles and gets rid of buildup
  • has 8% sulphur, an important component that helps treat scalp problems including dandruff.
  • works to reenergize and freshen the hair and scalp by clarifying them.
  • Fits all varieties of hair

💡 Directions:

  • Damp hair
  • Put a tiny bit on your scalp.
  • Use your fingertips to massage your scalp.
  • Keep it on for a short while.
  • Make sure to completely rinse.

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