Simple Grace Blueberry Hand Sanitizer 8oz (Clarence) | USA

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Live a healthy, germ free life with Simple Grace Blueberry Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer. With 70% antiseptic alcohol, this hand sanitizer will successfully and securely kill most microbes and microscopic organisms on the skin that could cause illness. The blueberry aroma will leave your hands feeling new and clean. Extraordinary for use in a hurry, and for grown-ups and youngsters. To utilize, press a quarter size sum into hands and rub completely.

Key Highlights:

  • Contains 70% antiseptic alcohol to effectively kill germs and bacteria
  • Refreshing blueberry scent
  • Safe for both adults and children to use
  • Convenient for on-the-go use

Key Ingredients:

  • 70% antiseptic alcohol


  • Apply a small amount of Simple Grace Blueberry Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer to your hands and rub together until dry.
  • No water or towels needed.

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