Razorless Cream Shave Light Fresh Scent, Regular Strength 6.0 oz

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Expertly formulated for a light, fresh scent, this 6.0 oz razorless cream shave provides regular strength for a smooth, effortless shave. Say goodbye to nicks and bumps with this easy-to-use cream that leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished, and free from irritation. Perfect for all skin types.

🔥 Key Highlights:

  • Helps avoid razor bumps and offers a closer, more durable shave.
  • Black men's razorless cream shave with a subtle, fresh aroma
  • Functions for up to four days and takes four minutes.
  • Sensitivity testing is necessary prior to usage.

💡 Directions:

  • Apply a sensitivity test before to initial usage.
  • Cover the area of the beard with a thick coating of cream.
  • Set the timer for four minutes, and don't let it go beyond seven.
  • If the hair does not come off readily, test a tiny area and leave on for a few more minutes.
  • Using a moist washcloth, gently remove, beginning with the area of your face where the cream was applied.
  • Rinse your face well; avoid using soap.
  • If there is still beard, wait a full day before applying again.


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