QEI+ Active Efficacite Extreme Lightening Body Lotion 16.8 oz / 500 ml

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QEI+ Active Efficacite Extreme Lait Corporel Toning Body Lotion 16.8 oz In the range Active Efficacite Extreme, QEI+ has elaborated a moisturizing body milk with Shea Butter, especially developed for black and mixed skins. This new complex based on the best plans active extracts makes it very effective in toning and fading dark spots, for treatment of scars, sun blemishes, aging spots, pregnancy blemishes. Result: With continous use, a lighter even skin, blemish free and protected against imperfections. Lasting and complete action. Directions For Use: Apply QEI+ Active Efficacite lotion once or twice a day on skin previously cleansed with Active Efficacite Exfoliating Soap, insisting on hands, elbows and knees. For an optimal result, we advise to mix lotion with Active Efficacite Serum.

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