Profectiv MG DAMAGEFREE Neutralizing Shampoo Gel 12 oz

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PROFECTIV MEGA GROWTH ANTI-BREAKAGE NEUTRALIZING SHAMPOO GEL 12 OZ Safely and gently neutralizes hair on contact when using all types of no-lye and lye relaxers. Thick gel formula instantly neutralizes on contact, and is easily smoothed on hair and scalp without the vigorous lathering that can weaken and damage the hair. Instant Neutralizes Relaxer Creme on Contact Quicker and Easier with Minimum Stress and Damage. Benefits: - Intensely Enriched with Strengthening Proteins, Vitamins and Nutrients (OLIVE, SHEA, AVOCADO, COCONUT & ARGAN) to provide Advanced Strength and Protection - Easy to apply thick gel formula smooth-on clinging to new growth - Instantly neutralizes hair after rinsing relaxer without the vigorous lathering that can weaken the hair and cause damage - Gently removes excessive build-up from hair sprays, gels, mousses and color rinses without stripping natural oils from hair and scalp - Maximum cleansing and gentle rinsing properties helps protect and restore hair's natural bounce, body and shine

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