Pack Of 10 H20Jours Lemon Gel 60g

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As an industry expert, H20Jours Lemon Gel is an essential addition to your skincare routine. This pack of 10, each with 60g of product, will provide a nourishing and refreshing experience. With natural lemon extract, your skin will feel rejuvenated and hydrated. Perfect for daily use and suitable for all skin types.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Natural lemon essence is infused into the gel's lightweight composition for
  • Immediate skin absorption and toning effects.
  • Helps lessen the appearance of dark spots and enhance the texture of the skin
  • Fit for any type of skin
  • Contains ten pieces for extended use.

🌱Key Ingredients:

  • Lemon extract


  • Put some H20Jours Lemon Gel on your body or face.
  • Apply the gel to your skin by massaging it in circular movements.
  • For optimal effects, use every day.

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