ORS Olive Oil Relaxer Extra Strength 18.75 oz

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Organic root salon olive oil professional creme relaxer is enriched with olive oil and natural ingredients that condition as you relax and provides controlled straightening to help reduce over-processing. The results are beautiful hair that is silky and incredibly manageable. For professional use only before relaxing: read instructions and warnings carefully and assemble everything you need for the relaxer service. Do not shampoo hair. Directions: apply a protective base on scalp, perimeter of hairline and ears. Set a timer according to the timing chart and / or strand test results. Wearing protective gloves apply relaxer (do not exceedmended time). Rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo with organic root stimulatorolive oil professional neutralizing shampooing ingredients: aqua (water), petrolatum, parafinum liquidium (mineral oil), cetearyl alcohol,

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