ORS Lock and Twist Gel 13 oz

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Get the perfect twist and lock with ORS Lock and Twist Gel. This 13 oz gel is formulated with nourishing ingredients to promote healthy, moisturized hair. Achieve defined and long-lasting styles while protecting and nourishing your strands with ORS Lock and Twist Gel.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • A hair gel that aids in creating and maintaining twist and lock hairstyles is called ORS Lock and Twist Gel.
  • A combination of organic components, such as aloe vera and olive oil, work to fortify, nourish, and shield hair while also giving it a firm grip.
  • Applying the non-flaking product to wet or dry hair is simple and leaves hair feeling defined, silky, and frizz-free.
  • You can create any style with ORS Lock and Twist Gel, from enormous, voluminous locks to tight twists.


  • After using ORS Lock and Twist Gel to damp or dry hair, style or twist your hair as you choose.
  • Comb or use your fingers to produce the desired look.
  • Before handling, let hair thoroughly dry.

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