Ninon Lemongrass & Tea Tree Soap 5oz

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This 5oz Ninon Lemongrass & Tea Tree Soap is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine. Infused with natural ingredients, it provides a refreshing and invigorating scent while also cleansing and nourishing the skin. Lemongrass and tea tree have been known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties, making this soap a great choice for those with acne-prone or oily skin. Upgrade your shower experience with this all-natural soap.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Ninon Lemongrass & Tea Tree Soap is a blend of natural ingredients and essential oils that revitalizes.
  • Contains 95% natural components to give skin a revitalising and renewing impact.
  • Enhanced with essential oils of tea tree and lemongrass for a revitalising, all-natural clean.

🌱Key Ingredients: 

  • Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Natural ingredients


  • Moisten skin with hot water.
  • Using your hands or a washcloth, lather the soap.
  • Apply a little massage to your skin.
  • Use water to thoroughly rinse.
  • Dry off your skin using a towel.

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