New York Fair & Lovely Lightening Gel PLUS 1 oz

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New York Fair & Lovely Lightening Gel PLUS 1 oz A light textured potent lightening gel infused with powerful Hydroxephenol. Restores a clear even toned complexion. Excellent for dark stubborn areas.  “ New” Ecosolution™, The First Green Airless Dispensing System Ecosolution™ is the first ecological airless dispensing system using AirFree® technology. Ecosolution™ combines all the advantages of airless – including protection of the formula – and ecology:           Its unique difference in performance takes care of the product while taking care of the planet.” Benefits It’s “unique difference in performance” Airless pump bottle designed to preserves formula freshness Airfree Patented technology delivers smooth performing action Protective shield for fragile formula, allows “No oxidation” Pump measures exact dosage every time with NO WASTE Environmentally friendly throughout products entire life cycle

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