Motions Hair Relaxer Super 15 oz

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Motions Hair Relaxer Super 15 oz features a powerful formula that effectively relaxes and straightens hair, leaving it silky smooth and manageable. With its 15 oz size, it provides ample product for multiple applications. Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home with this expert formula.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • A strong relaxer that aids in smoothing and straightening hair is Motions Hair Relaxer Super.
  • It has organic oils in it that protect and nourish hair while it relaxes.
  • For hair types that are resistant, coarse, or thick, this relaxer is ideal.
  • Arrives in a handy 15 oz tub that holds enough product for several uses.


  • Before applying Motions Hair Relaxer Super, apply a protective base to your hairline and scalp.
  • Prepare the relaxer as directed on the package.
  • Start at the rear of your hair and work your way to the front as you evenly apply the relaxer.
  • After giving your hair a good rinse with warm water, use the included neutralising shampoo and conditioner.

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