Moco De Gorila Hair Gel 11.99 oz- Rockero (Red)

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Moco de Gorila Rockero Hair Styling Gel helps you be the Master of Parties and always looking good with you maintained Hairstyle. This Gorilla Snot Gel blends all-natural ingredients which helps you transform your hair into any style you can imagine. Moco de Gorila Gels do not flake and can be reactivated easily with Water. Moco de Gorila Rockero Hair Gel helps you be the Rocker of the Party creating Melodies, and Rocking instinct through your Hairstyle. This Gorilla Snot Hair Gel comes in an 11.9 oz Squizz Bottle which smells like Peach, Sweet Cherry, Tangerine, Juicy Orange, and Green Apple.

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