Makari Blue Crystal Vitality Face Moisturizer 31.7 oz

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Reveal the natural beauty of your skin. For years, women of color have sought out high-end skincare products designed exclusively for their unique concerns. Lastly, with the Makari Blue Crystal collection, everyone can achieve the clear, smooth and glowing complexion they have always dreamed of. Specially formulated for all skin types, our Blue Crystal Vitality facial moisturizer is enriched with maximum strength Glutathione, a naturally derived active whitening agent. Regularly massage this moisture-rich gel all over your face and neck, and watch dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles fade away for a fresh, youthful and perfectly even appearance. Designed to maintain the natural moisture of the skin, This deep penetrating treatment smooths uneven texture while helping to alleviate a variety of skin conditions. Use it routinely with Makari's full line of Blue Crystal whitening products and achieve your ideal beauty shade. What you get. 1 16.8oz bottle of Makari Exclusive Intense Glycerin A safe alternative to harmful skin whitening creams. Rejuvenating and emollient oils that tone, heal and soften A luxury lubricant specially designed for beautiful black skin. Specifications and details 7 ounces [1.7 fl oz] Contains naturally-based glutathione No chemicals or bleach. Hydroquinone free. How to enjoy Apply and massage into uneven skin all over the face and neck. Use up to 3 times a week for maximum lightening and toning results. See age marks, acne scars and discoloration disappear. Discover your healthy and glowing complexion in just two weeks.

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