Lusters S-Curl Texturizer Creme Extra Strength 15 oz

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This 15 oz Lusters S-Curl Texturizer Creme offers extra strength and is specially formulated to enhance natural curl patterns. With its unique blend of ingredients, it helps to loosen and elongate tight curls for a softer, more manageable look. Transform your hair with this expertly crafted texturizing creme.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Without causing a greasy buildup, S-Curl Texturizer Wave & Curl Creme aids in
  • Creating waves and curls that seem natural.
  • Ideal for all hair lengths and types
  • Gives curls great conditioning and durability.
  • Comes in a stronger mix designed for hair that is coarse or resistant.


  • Use the color-changing neutralising shampoo that comes with the package to start shampooing your hair.
  • After towel-drying your hair, evenly distribute the S-Curl Texturizer Wave & Curl Creme from root to tip.
  • Depending on the length of time recommended for your hair type, leave the creme in your hair.
  • To halt the chemical action, thoroughly rinse with warm water and reapply the color-changing neutralising shampoo.
  • Dress however you like.

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