Lusters Pink Original Oil Moisturizer Lotion 8 oz Bonus #5121

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Luster's Pink Original Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion is specially formulated with essential vitamins (provitamins B5 & Vitamin E)to help revive and protect the hair. It replaces moisture lost to heat styling and conditions damaged hair to reduce breakage. Original Lotion helps to soften and smooth the hair for improved manageability so that it is easier to comb. It provides more styling control for a variety of looks like updos and ponytails; thermal and pressed styles;natural, braid, and weave styles. Great for maintaining waves for him or her. Use a dime-sized dose,daily. Directions: Shake well. Pour a small amount into palm, rub hands together and apply to hair daily or as needed. Comb or style as desired.

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