Luster S-Curl Wave Jel Activator 10.5 oz

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Luster S-Curl Wave Jel Activator 10.5 ozS-Curl Wave Jel & Activator is a unique Jel that will activate your curls and waves with a trace of grease. S-Curl Wave Jel & Activator actually elminates the Shrinkage Factor that result from shampooing your curly perm. So now your curls and waves will be healthy looking, soft, and never frizzy or sticky.

Key Highlights:

  • Provides natural-looking waves and curls
  • Non-greasy formula
  • Moisturizes and conditions hair
  • Contains no sulfates or parabens


  • Apply a small amount of S-Curl Wave Jel Activator to damp hair
  • Use fingers or a comb to distribute evenly throughout hair
  • Style hair as desired
  • Let hair air-dry or use a diffuser

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