LightenUp Girl Intense Perfection Lightening Gel 1 oz / 30 g

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LIGHTEN UP GIRL : Formulated in a light refreshing scent, This Clarifying Gel reduces appearance of dark brown spots, evening out skin tone with active, Tyrostat. Helps prevent premature aging, promoting a radiant youthful complexion. TYROSTAT : It reduces skin pigmentation & erythema and appearance of age spots. This tyrosinase inhibitor has higher activity than arbutin, tumeric, hydroquinone. RUMEX OCCIDENTALIS : Melasma is a difficult-to-treat pigmentation disorder that predominantly affects women. Rumex occidentalis extract was found to be as effective as the gold-standard skin-lightener hydroquinone in the treatment of melasma.16 T MAXIMIZE THE BENEFITS: Apply a thin layer of LightenUp Girl! Clarifying Gel to clean dry skin preferably at night. To avoid further pigmentation, always follow up with an SPF 30 or higher during and after brightening treatment. Limit sun exposure. KEY INGREDIENTS: Rumex Occidentalis and Tyrostat

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