Just For Me No Lye Creme Activator & Creme Relaxer 138g

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Achieve smooth, manageable hair with Just For Me No Lye Creme Activator & Creme Relaxer. This 138g set features a gentle, no lye formula that activates with a creamy consistency for easy application. Enjoy straight, nourished locks with this expertly designed product.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • A mild and efficient relaxer system for all hair types is offered by the Just For Me No Lye Creme Activator and Creme Relaxer hair relaxing package.
  • Nutritious elements in the composition help shield hair from harm and leave it looking lustrous and healthy.


  • Follow the directions to combine the crème relaxer and activator.
  • Cover all parts of the hair with the mixture, being careful to apply it evenly.
  • After using the relaxer for the prescribed length of time, give yourself a thorough water rinse.
  • Lather up your hair with the neutralising shampoo that comes with it.
  • After giving hair a good water rinse, style it as desired.

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