HT26 Special Body Beauty Serum 150 ml

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HT26 RECOMMENDS With its exclusive texture, this oil is a specific moisturizing and anti-aging treatment treatment: - BORAGE OIL 50%: with real youthful properties. - EVENING PRIMROSE OIL 40%: for life - CARROT OIL: naturally rich in vitamin A - VITAMIN E: with anti-aging properties. These three oils act in synergy with vitamin E against the skin-aging process. Softening, soothing and protecting in a single step, it defines the complexion, leaving it remarkably supple, soext and satin-smooth. It enables the skin to regain lasting hydrolipidic balance, improving elasticity and suppleness. The skin is visibly more beautiful, satin-smooth and velvety.   HT26 EXPLAINS Normal skin types: - Apply BODY BEAUTY to clean skin, morning or evening. Very dry skin types: - Apply BEAUTY BODY as a treatment before using the other products Apply HT26 BODY BEAUTY SERUM SERUM after the bath or shower, to the whole body, for satin-smooth nourished skin. - Use this program as regularly as possible for a marked increase in the absorption and efficacy of the products in the different skin-care ranges.  

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