HT26 Male Capital Vitality

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Benefits: The Male Vitality HT26 nutritional supplement is based on plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, helping to improve physical performance and boost vitality, strength and endurance. It also stimulates natural defenses, concentration and coordination.   Results: A recovered energy; it restores strength and vitality, stimulating the desire again.   Active ingredients: Capital Vitality HT26 supplement contains: Ginger: it helps keep the intestinal flora on order. Ginseng: it contributes to increase natural defenses and the good functioning of the immune system, improving concentration and coordination.  Depending on the body’s needs, Ginseng will act as a calming agent in the stress situation, and as a stimulant when a higher performance is required. Guarana: contributes to the reduction of mental fatigue. Vitamins & minerals: contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system and nervous system; it protects cells from oxidative stress and help reduce fatigue.   Tips to use: take 3 tablets in the morning, accompanied by a glass of water.

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