HT26 Intensive Concentrated Whitening Cream Gold & Argan Light Capital 500 ml

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HT26 Intensive Concentrated Whitening Cream Gold & Argan Light Capital 500 ml This rich and melting cream erases the defects of damaged skin, prevents the appearance of new tasks, revitalizes the skin and restores radiance. The skin is protected, unified. It regains softness. Its melting texture rich in moisturizing agents turns into a non-greasy silky fluid upon application.   Active ingredients: Your pharmacist has made for you a product combining LUXE and CARE. The Gold and Argan lightening cream contains high quality active ingredients: Active mined gold: gold reveals and unifies the skin complexion, removes imperfections. Gold revitalizes and harmonizes your skin through its antioxidant effects. Argan oil: this precious and rare oil nourishes, repairs the most damaged skin and scars over. Clarifying agents: These are all natural agents from acid fruits and fungi that naturally clarifies the skin and evens skin tone.  Usage tips: The Gold and Argan lightening cream is a gentle treatment to be used twice a day, morning and evening. Apply cream after bathing or showering, massaging gently so that the cream penetrates the skin. Pay special attention to the damaged areas. Complementary care:  HT26 - Multi-lightening body lotion Gold & Argan HT26 - Shiny gold Shower gel Gold & Argan

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