HT26 - Hair And Nails Tablets

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Benefits: The HT26 “Hair and Nails” dietary supplement, helps to strengthen the structure of your nails and hair: is a truly balance of health and beauty.   Results: It nourishes and helps the growth of hair and nails, restoring vitality and strength to hair and nails. It significantly improves cellular renewal of hair roots and nails.   Active ingredients: Capital Hair and Nails HT26’s supplement contains: Brewer’s yeast rich in vitamin B1, B2, B6, PP, amino acids and iron, who strongly stimulates hair growth and nail strengthening. Nettle, rich in vitamin B2, B5, iron and silica, who stops hair loss and promotes regrowth – especially for used for brittle nails. The pollen is rich in provitamin A. The grape extract, is a premium antioxidant who stimulates microcirculation.   Tips to use: take 2 tablets a day. Make two to three cures in the year to bring vigor, growth, shine to the hair and stiffness to the nails and hair.

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