Fantasia IC Braid Sheen Spray 12 oz

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FANTASIA IC BRAID SHEEN SPRAY 12oz with Sulfur Complex 100% Effective Discover the secret to beautiful, soft and shiny braids with FANTASIA IC Braid Sheen Spray. Our unique, ultra light, non-greasy formula moisturizes, softens and shines braids, dreadlocks, extensions and weaves. - Unique Features - Anti-Breakage Formula - Helps control dryness and itchy scalp. - Fabulous fragrance; leaves hair smelling fresh. - Conditions & Softens - Shines Natural & Synthetic Hair - Moisturizes & Controls Dry, Itchy, Flaking Scalp DIRECTIONS: Apply daily to braids and gently massage into scalp. INGREDIENTS: WATER, GLYCERIN, PROPYLENE GLYCOL. METHYL GLUCETH-20, WATER AND ETHOXYDIGLYCOL AND PROPYLENE GLYCOL AND BUTYLENE GLYCOL AND COLTSFOOT EXTRACT AND YARROW EXTRACT AND NETTLE EXTRACT AND ROSEMARY EXTRACT, AND SAGE EXTRACT AND BIRCH LEAF EXTRACT AND BURCH SAP AND HORSETAIL EXTRACT AND CALCIUM PANTHOTHENATE AND INOSITOL, VITAMIN B COMPLEX, POLSORBATE-20, QUARERMUIM-15, SULFUR, FRAGRANCE CAUTION: Keep hair away from open flame. Keep out of reach of children. Not Tested on Animals! Recycle Safe.

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