Fair & White Original Gel Cream 1 oz

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Fair & White Original Whitening Gel Cream 30 gm Fair and White brings you a one of a kind cream lightening treatment cream . This specific cream is designed to lighten all types of scars, blemishes and discolorations. This gel cream can lighten hyper-pigmentation, brown spots, melasma, acne scars and even signs of aging. The secret ingredient is Hydroquinone. This formula can be used on many skin types with a percentage of only 1.9% present in the substance. Fair and White provides you with this excellent gel cream brightening product at very affordable prices. We also have some extra tips for you in applying this product. You only need a thin layer of this gel cream product to apply to your problem areas. Apply this product on clean and dry skin as to make sure that there are no issues. It measures at 30 ML and should be used sparingly. Fair and White provides the original and highest quality skin bleaching cream gel for the best prices.  Size 1oz/30gm

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