Fair & White Gold #2 Specialized Cream Gel 1 oz

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  Fair & White Gold Specialized Cream Gel   FULL DESCRIPTION (2: EVEN TONE) Brightening and Lightening Description: Infused with skin softening and boosting anti-oxidants A and E, our Specialized Cream Gel brightens dull sun damaged skin, restoring skin back to its smooth even toned appearance. How to use: Apply to dark affected areas on dry, cleansed skin preferably at night. Avoid eye area. Follow up with sunscreen every morning to maintain even skin tone. When using lightening and brightening products it makes our skin sensitive to sunlight therefore, it is important to add sunscreen to your skin regimen every morning.  This will prevent more dark spots from occurring. Avoid sun exposure.Main Ingredients: 1.9% Hydroquinone, Glycerin Size 30ml/1oz

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