Eau Triple Éthérée de Cologne L.T. Piver Paris 100ml | USA

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L.T.Piver synonymous for over two centuries with refined, unique scents and its exceptional skill and rich fragrances, keeps on being the manifestation of a universe of enticement, dreams and feelings - an impressive accomplishment in a period which is whimsical, best case scenario! From the court of Louis XVI through to the twenty-first hundred years, L.T Piver has successfully married the classic with the modern and the traditional with progress.

Sweet-smelling cologne of home grown and flower fragrances, have obtained unique symbolical or mysterious importance and have subsequently procured a spot in otherworldly practices and spell-create, as per the idea of the botanical and natural forces that contain their smell.

Many individuals accept that fragrances of cologne will stop unfriendly circumstances and open the way for karma, love, cash, and joy to enter their lives. The fragrance will assist with aiding you stay well and feel more invigorated, all the more sensible, and all the more sincerely steady and adjusted. The recuperating powers of spices, plants and roots to work with mending of brain, body and soul.

Key Highlights:

  • Classic fragrance for both men and women
  • Features a blend of refreshing and soothing scents
  • Comes in a convenient 100ml bottle


  • Apply to pulse points for a long-lasting scent

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