Dove Deodorant IS Original Clean 2.6 oz [pack of 6]

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With Dove Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant Original Clean 2.6 oz, 2 pack bulk deodorant, you get a fresh, clean feeling from your antiperspirant deodorant. This is our best deodorant for women with our signature clean scent, it glides on easily and offers up to 24 hours of antiperspirant protection against underarm sweat. Caring to skin, the alcohol (ethanol) free formula contains Dove ¼ moisturizers to provide great underarm care. This antiperspirant deodorant also helps skin to recover from shaving irritation so that you can enjoy underarms that look and feel softer and smoother. Dove Original Clean is a great antiperspirant for those who love solid deodorants and the familiar, original scent of Dove. Protecting you from sweat for up to 24 hours, this deodorant for women glides on easily and gives you a fresh start to the morning or a refresh in the afternoons. If you're looking for an unscented deodorant, try our Sensitive deodorant for women. For great results use Dove Original Clean after bathing or showering, once skin is cool and dry. Swipe the deodorant stick up and down each underarm two or three times until an even layer is applied to the skin. Enjoy the clean, original scent of Dove and the reassurance that comes with up to 24 hours of anti perspirant with deodorant protection from your Dove Original Clean. At Dove, our vision is of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety. SW,

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