Dermaliss Beauty Soap Action Rapide 3oz

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Experience quick and effective results with Dermaliss Beauty Soap Action Rapide 3oz. Gentle yet powerful, this soap deeply cleanses and nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. With its fast acting formula, achieve radiant and healthy skin in no time.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Ideal for any type of skin
  • Maintains the equilibrium of the skin while gently and deeply exfoliating
  • Removes microorganisms and skin flaws such as Dermatitis, acne, tartar, and itching.
  • Skin feeling clean, renewed, and invigorated after use

      🌱Key Ingredients: 

      • Glycerin, Carrot extracts
      • Water, Sulfur, Camphor
      • Salicylic acid, Sodium hydroxide
      • Titanium dioxide, Fragrance


      • Take off the cap.
      • Apply to the parts of your body you want.
      • Use judiciously.
      • Massage gently
      • Keep it on and repeat as necessary

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