D.E.S 5.5 Complexion Unifying Body Oil Rich in Baobab Oil 70ml

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Transform your skin with D.E.S 5.5 Complexion Unifying Body Oil. Infused with nutrient-rich Baobab Oil, this 70ml oil nourishes and evens out your complexion for a radiant glow. Experience the power of nature and reveal your best skin with D.E.S 5.5.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Enhanced with potent organic Baobab oil
  • Minimizes scarring, fixes flaws, and eliminates all spots
  • Texture that is non-greasy and light
  • Gives the complexion enduring shine and clarity
  • Skin that is nourished, hydrated, and glowing
  • Use every day—ideally just before bed.

      🌱Key Ingredients: 

      • Baobab Oil
      • Sunflower Oil
      • Jojoba Oil
      • Vitamin E


      • Apply to the face, neck, and bust every day.
      • Focus on areas where stains are still present.
      • Use ideally right before bed.

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