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Clovate Gel 30 g is a powerful skin cream that improves complexion and reduces hyperpigmentation. With its nourishing blend of natural ingredients, it provides up to 86% reduction in dark spots and leaves skin looking vibrant and radiant. Trust Clovate Gel to give you the flawless, even-toned skin you've always wanted.

šŸ”„Key Highlights:

  • The gel's light and refreshing nature is intendedĀ 
  • To restore a brighter and more even skin toneĀ 
  • Use this light and refreshing gel composition.
  • Powered by Arbutin Complex to lessen the visibility of dark areas
  • Helps in achieving a more consistent complexion
  • Produced by TechnoPharma, a trusted name in the health and cosmeticsĀ sector.
  • 100% certified and safe

      šŸŒ±Key Ingredients:Ā 

      • Clove Oil
      • Alpha Arbutin


      • Apply a thin layer of Clovate Gel to clean, dry skin
      • Add over dark spots and patches
      • Preferably apply at night

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