Clinic Clear Body Lotion 500 ml

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Discover the beauty secret of African-American women with Clinic Clear Body Lotion 500ml! This multi-function body care is the perfect solution for perfecting and hydrating your skin in one step. Its special formula has been designed to meet the needs of African skins and enhance their natural beauty. Enjoy a unified, radiant complexion with protection against premature signs of aging with this advanced body lotion from Dodo Cosmetics, Togo. Enjoy a perfect complexion today with Clinic Clear Body Lotion 500ml!

Key Highlights:

  • Multi-function body care
  • Corrects, perfects, brightens, and hydrates skin in one step
  • Radiant and unified complexion
  • Protection against premature signs of aging
  • Specially formulated for African skins
  • From Dodo Cosmetics, Togo
  • 500ml

    Key Ingredients: 

    • Stearic Acid, C16-C18, Petroleum Jelly, Mineral Oil, Cetiol
    • BHT, Vitamin E, Citric Acid, Parabens, Vitamin C, Sodium Sulfate
    • Fragrance, Coconut Oil, Carrot Oil, Ethyl Diglycol, Sorbitol
    • Kojic Acid, HN-White, Demineralized Water


    • Cleanse skin before application.
    • Dispense an adequate amount.
    • Apply evenly using circular motions.
    • Focus on problematic areas if needed.
    • Use daily for best results.

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