Carotone Kit Lotion, Cream, Tube Cream and Soap

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Carotone Light & Natural Brightening- Lotion, Cream, BSC Cream, Oil, Soap SET     1× Light & Natural Carotone Brightening Lotion 215ml Carotone Lotion (B.S.C) MAXI EFFECT CONCENTRATED FORMULA 550ml with sun protection COLLAGEN FORMULA A must have cream. Ingredients: Water, mineral oil,petrolium,lanolin,stearic acid, cetyl-stearylic alcohol,isopropyl myristate, BHT, methyl paraben,propyl paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate,sodium sulfite, citric acid,glycerin,tocopheryl acetate (vit.E), retinol (vit.A), hq,collagen, carrot oil, fragrance. Made in Cote d'ivoire Best results when used with other Carotone  products.   1× Carotone Maximum Black Spot Corrector Cream 1 oz  For best results use in combination with other products of the range. Tones and brightens up skin. Cleans and purifies skin. Softens and rejuvenates skin. Protects skin against harmful sun rays.   Instructions: Rub onto cleaned skin gently with circular movements concentrating on the roughest area. Use twice a day. Size: 1 oz   1× Carotone Brightening Soap 6.7 oz Carotone particularly effective soap for the exfoliation and the cleaning of the skin. Also has deodorant properties. Agreeably scented. Use: To be used everyday in addition to the skin care line Carrot Plus. Avoid contact with eyes. Size: 6.7 oz   1× Light & Natural Carotone Brightening Cream 4.5 oz This Brightening Body Lotion is a Formula rich in B- Carotene which enables it to lighten your skin. It also provides protection against UV and sun rays. It is also rich in Collagen which is anti aging. Instruction: Apply morning and evening on cleaned skin. Gently massage until completely absorbed into the skin. Size: 4.5 oz

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