Carotone Lotion 16.9 oz / 550 ml

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Carotone Brightening Body Lotion - 18.60 fl. (550ml) NP Gandour's Carotone Body Lotion DSP10 Collagen Formula rich in B-Carotene to lighten your skin and rich in collagen for a younger skin, provides protection against UV and sun rays. Active Ingredients: 2% HYDROQUINONE. INGREDIENTS: WATER,CETYL STEARYLIC ALCOHOL,STEARIC ACID, PETROLATUM,MINERAL OIL,ISOPROPYL MYRISTATE,PROPYLPARABEN,BHT,UVA,UVB,TOCOPHERYL ACETATE,POLYSORBATE 60, METHYLPARABEN,SODIUM SULFITE,SODIUM MATEBISULFITE,PROPYLENE GLYCOL,ASCORBIC ACID,ALLANTOIN, CARROT OIL,COLLAGEN,hq 2%,FRAGRANCE. made in cote d'ivoire 18.6 oz / 550 ml

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