Carotone 5 Pk Kit- Lotion, J Cream, Oil, BSC J Cream, and Soap 18.6 oz

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Experience the ultimate skin transformation with Carotone's 5 Pk Kit. This powerful kit includes lotion, J cream, oil, BSC J cream, and soap, all in one convenient package. Nourish and rejuvenate your skin with these specially formulated products, leaving you with a radiant and flawless complexion.

ūüĒ•Key Highlights:

  • Skin tone and radiance
  • Skin that is cleansed and purified
  • Skin that is regenerated and softened
  • Shields skin from damaging UV radiation
  • Attain a gorgeous, radiant complexion

    ūüĆĪKey Ingredients:¬†

    • Water,¬†Mineral oil,¬†Petrolium,¬†Lanolin,¬†Stearic acid
    • Cetyl-stearylic alcohol, HQ,¬†Collagen,¬†Carrot oil,¬†Fragrance
    • Isopropyl myristate,¬†BHT,¬†Methyl paraben,¬†Propyl paraben
    • Sodium lauryl sulfate,¬†Sodium sulfite,¬†Citric acid,¬†Glycerin
    • Tocopheryl acetate (vit.E),¬†Retinol (vit.A),¬†


    • Wash your body and face.
    • Put Carotone Soap on it.
    • Apply the lotion Carotone.
    • Put on the Carotone J Cream.
    • Put on some Carotone Oil.

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