Cantu Shea Butter Curl Revitalizer 12 oz

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Nourish and revive your curls with Cantu Shea Butter Curl Revitalizer 12 oz. Infused with pure shea butter and natural oils, this formula helps to strengthen and define your curls while providing long-lasting moisture. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to beautifully bouncy and healthy-looking curls.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Revitalizes and redefines curls
  • Smoothes and moisturizes hair
  • Adds gloss and reduces frizz
  • Stretches out fashions
  • Made without harsh additives and with only pure shea butter
  • Not tested on animals

    🌱Key Ingredients:

    • 100% Pure Shea Butter
    • NO Mineral Oil, Sulfates
    • Parabens, Silicones
    • Phthalates, Gluten
    • Paraffin or Propylene


    • Begin with moist or dry hair.
    • Gently shake the bottle of Cantu Shea Butter Curl Revitalizer.
    • Apply the rejuvenator spray to your hair.
    • Focus on the places where your curls require hydration.
    • To revive and define your curls, scrunch or twist your hair.
    • Either let your hair air dry naturally or use a low-heat diffuser.

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