Biolight Hibiscus Flower Lotion 500ml | 16.90oz

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Enhance your skincare routine with Biolight Hibiscus Flower Lotion. This gentle, yet effective lotion nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Infused with hibiscus flower extract, it helps brighten and even out skin tone for a radiant complexion. Discover the power of nature with this 500ml | 16.90oz bottle.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Anti-aging Diminishes shadows
  • Skin that is glowing after
  • Nourishes and hydrates skin
  • Calms and revitalizes the senses
  • Enhances the texture and tone of the skin

    🌱Key Ingredients: 

    • Hibiscus flower extract, Vitamin E
    • Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Jojoba oil
    • Coconut oil, Shea butter, Aloe vera, Glycerin


    • Use a mild cleanser to remove makeup off your skin.
    • A tiny amount of lotion is dispensed after opening the bottle.
    • On the parts of your skin that require hydration or nourishment.
    • Gently massage the lotion in.
    • Give the lotion a few minutes to seep into your skin.
    • After usage, securely cap the bottle and keep it somewhere dry and cool.

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