Avon Skin So Soft & Sensual Roll-On 2.6 oz

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"This Avon Skin So Soft & Sensual Roll-On 2.6 oz provides 24-hour moisture and makes your skin smooth and supple. Its non-sticky formula is gentle and perfect for everyday use. With its convenient roll-on applicator, you can easily apply this sensual fragrance and enjoy its nourishing benefits."

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Wetness and deodorant protection for a full day
  • Softens skin after use.
  • Absence of residue on clothing or skin
  • Examined dermatologistically
  • Durable suppleness and freshness


    • Remove cap.
    • Apply to clean, dry skin.
    • Roll on gently.
    • Allow to absorb.
    • Reapply as needed for softness and fragrance.

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