A3 Lemon Fair Tone Plus Lotion 13.52 oz / 400 ml

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A3 Lemon Fair Tone Plus Lotion 13.52 oz Efficient Lotion-Milk designed to brighten the skin tone and visibly improve homogeneity of the complexion. An action made even more effective by a Sunscreen, helping to contrast the return of blemishes caused by an excessive and sometimes irregular production of Melanin (as a result of sun exposure and variations of hormones caused by age and pregnancy). A mix of ingredients, playing a central role in the integrity of the epidermal barrier. This super soft, luxurious emulsion addresses spots and uneven skin tone due to ageing, pregnancy, sun damage. Formulated with high percentage of Niacin amide paired with Sun Filter and natural allies (Lemon Extract and Sesame Seed Oil)

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