Bio Claire Body Oil 200 ml

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This expertly crafted body oil by Bio Claire nourishes and hydrates skin, leaving it soft and radiant. With 200 ml of product, this natural oil boasts a unique blend of essential oils that work together to soothe and rejuvenate. Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to a healthy glow with Bio Claire Body Oil.

🔥Key Highlights:

  • Balances and Clarifies skin without leaving any mess.
  • Enhances skin tone and health
  • Moisturizes, protects, and nourishes skin
  • Extended usage

    🌱Key Ingredients:

    • I.P.M., Huile de Vaseline, Vaseline blanche
    • Alcohol cetostearylique, B.H.T., Eau, Acide stearique
    • Alcohol cetylique, Vitamin E, M.P.G., Glycerine
    • Actifs Bio-Vegetaux 2%, Colorants, Fragrance.


    • Start with dry, clean skin.
    • A tiny bit of Bio Claire Body Oil should be applied to your palm.
    • Put the oil over your body, paying particular attention to the areas you wish to hydrate and nurture.
    • Apply the oil to your skin and gently massage it in circular strokes.
    • Apply every day or as needed on skin that is nourished and hydrated.

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